Jürgen Busse


Juergen Busse, born in 1965, undertakes his first photographic going attempts already in his infancy, with an old Agfa box of his parents. The fascination for the medium photography is born already at that time.

At the age of 13 years, when he holds his first own mirror reflex camera in his hands, nobody is safe before him and his Canon AE1.

Already at the age of 15 he contacts picture agencies, which unfortunately work at this time almost exclusively with 6x7 slides.

1985 he finishs his A-levels and traveld with friends two months through Scandinavia, gains there enormous experience in landscape and nature photography and discovers his love for the north of Europe.

Returned again a practical course in a photo studio follows. Here he learns Portraitfotografie, handling central format cameras and studio lighting. He collected darkroom experience and throws a look behind the media scenes.

End of 1986 he takes the rash blindfold decision to start an apprenticeship as an optician. This, as he believes, cognate occupation, is never and in no way able to satisfy him.

1998, 12 years later, the memory of his childhood dream returns in view of a forthcoming Nepal journey. From vocational lethargy awaked, he adds a used central format camera Mamyia 645s, turns to publishing houses and picture agencies and devours technical literature.

The again-awaked passion paired with incurable travel fever leads him to many countries of this earth. From the roof of the world, over the Karakorum Highway, into the skyscraperseemed streets of the metropolises, to cases of jungle water up to the icebergs of the north.

He develops his own creative style of travel photography, at which he places the beauty and the unusual of this planet and its inhabitant into the foreground.

Since the beginning of 2001 the photographer is already sideline active, before in september 2007 his 25 year old youth-dream comes true and he now is working avocational as photographer.

He does not only dedicate himself to the travel photography. Also creative picture composing and the modern methods of image processing fascinates him.

Meanwhile he takes the most pictures digitally with a Canon 5D markII.

Thephotographers pictures are published by namable publishing houses and are marketed by picture agencys world-wide. He annually takes part in the most well-known photo competitions around the globe, from which regularly prizes are awarded to the photographer. 2011 he was honoured from the World Photographic Federation FIAP with the AFIAP and 2012 from the Photographic Society of America PSA with the EPSA title.